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Inspired Words: An Interview with Lemon Andersen
Artist of the Month: Inside The Inspired Word Studio with Spoken Word Poet Jane LeCroy
Featured Video: The Inspired Word on MTV’s Washington Heights
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"It's not just a series..."

Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word

Founded and produced by longtime New York City journalist and former Village Voice columnist Mike Geffner, The Inspired Word is one of the hottest open mic/performance series (spoken word, poetry, comedy, music, storytelling) in the country, happening every week in Manhattan, New York City.

Our venues:

Tammany Hall, 152 Orchard Street, Manhattan, NY – Open mic EVERY Monday night, 6:30-11pm (for poets, comedians, singers/musicians, storytellers). AGE LIMIT: 21+.

The Gallery at LPR (le Poisson Rouge), 158 Bleecker Street (between Sullivan and Thompson), Manhattan, NY – Titillating Tongues: NYC Erotica in Poetry & Prose Open Mic EVERY 3rd Friday night of the month, 7-9:30pm; The LOL! Comedy Slam ($50 prize for best set) EVERY 4th Friday night of the month, 7-9:30pm. AGE LIMIT 21+.

Funkadelic Studios, 209 West 40th Street, corner of 7th Avenue, 5th Floor, Manhattan, NY – The Open Mic Joint (for poets, comedians, singers/musicians, storytellers) the 1st two Friday nights EVERY month, 6:30-11pm. AGE LIMIT: 18 + (unless accompanied by an adult).


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