Life Continues – A Poem by Pamilla deLeon-Lewis



Life Continues


There is good to be found in all your situations

So you’ve got to make the best of all these occasions

Know that difficult times can be your best teacher

They can become lessons that all your life you will treasure

So take a few minutes… distract yourself from your concerns

For, from these situations precious lessons you can learn

And as you learn and blossom, as you grow strong in faith

Mature in understanding, and you relinquish hate

Remember to reach for the good, stand firm and don’t ever give up

Because life continues around us… living never stops

And though your troubles may all seem to mount and stop time

And for a moment it seems you can’t find peace of mind

Know that there is good in life even today

And that peace of mind is never too far away

So just take a few moments to draw strength from the trees

Find pleasure in a bird’s song or just sway in the breeze

Life is a series of levels, cycles of ups and downs

Some easy, some challenging, some funny as circus clowns

Life is what you make it so don’t forget to wear a smile

Have faith you’re going to make it though it may take a while

Don’t ever lose your sense of humor and never succumb to fear

Don’t say die before you do because you won’t have a prayer


Pamilla deLeon-Lewis, a beautiful and inspiring lady who featured at The Inspired Word’s PinkSpeak breast cancer fundraiser in Feb. 2011, died on Jan. 6, 2012. May she rest in peace.

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