The Inspired Word – A Poem by Nathan P.



The Inspired Word


No longer feels like
An intrusive houseguest
When the only thing more ravaged
Than your body
Is your psyche


Banished thoughts of doing things
Never done before
Due to being consumed
With thoughts of never doing
Things once easily done…… again.


World not just turned upside down
But exploded and imploded
A personal ground zero
With no construction plans
For rebuilding


Feeling left betrayed
By body and pockets…..
Lady luck
Morphed into Lady Lupus
No need for money anyway
Since dead blue finger tips couldn’t
grip it… lost job’s impact wasn’t
Easily felt


Groundhog days never ending
Nowhere to go to
Nowhere to be
Couldn’t get there if I wanted to
Even with a stylish piece of wood
Imported from the motherland


Feet you failed me now


Left feeling less than
All cool left the room
Supply depleted with none on reserve
Couldn’t even scream out in despair
Swollen chest lining created a sound proof environment


Life ain’t a bitch
Because even a bitch can be reasoned with


During that time
Of deepest despair


Never imagined
Descending into a pit
Could elevate the spirit


Not realizing I was walking into a matchmakers dream


She had me at hello
Although neither one of us
Realized I was ripe for picking


If love is blind
Then love at first sight can never occur
Yet love still blossomed
During that first meeting


She knew me without ever knowing me
Not knowing she possessed the perfect remedy
Her power of speech intoxicating


Embraced me with multiple arms
Hugged me from every direction
Screamed sweet somethings
Into ears that no longer heard my own voice


Kissed me flush upon the lips
Breathing new life
Into lungs that found a way to turn bass into treble….
Now rebalancing the equalizer
So bass emitted once again


How could I commit to one who was not monogamous
For she gave herself to all that crossed her path


Still she had me at hello
Although neither of us knew I was
Ripe for picking.


She didn’t waste time introducing me to her friends
She reintroduced myself to me


She nurtured me
Excited me
Finally gave me a sense of peace
Even let me dance the lead
After prompting me
To stand on steadied feet
She fancied me
Gave me energy
Gave me hope for what could finally be


All this
The inspired word
Did for me.


– Nathan Pearson (Nathan P.)



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