Poem: I Want by Peerywolf


    I Want


    I want to be a beast with you
    I want to swallow down the few
    gentle words we think of
    & gnaw each other til we’re tough.


    I want to gnaw you to the bone
    I want to gnaw you open
    until you forget your name
    & scar into a new form, tamed.


    If I could be a bird with you…
    But I will sing you down
    back to your humanity
    wounded feet back to the ground.


    Peerywolf is a poet, writer, and editor living in Manhattan. She was born in Massachusetts, on a horse farm near Walden Pond. As an undergraduate at Harvard University, she was awarded the Briggs Traveling Fellowship in Poetry, the Academy of American Poets College Prize, the Lloyd McKim Garrison Prize, the Untermyer Prize, and the Edward Eager Creative Writing Award. Her work has been published in the Colorado Review and she is a contributor to 3quarksdaily.com.


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